Which of the following is true regarding risk management? Risks should be reviewed at every team meeting.

Risk identification only occurs in the planning phase of the project.

All risks must have a contingency plan.

Risks are more likely to impact the schedule than the budget. s true regarding risk management?


1kilogram = 2.205 pounds1,101.10 • 2.205 = 2,427.9255

answer: marginal utility of the fourth brownie is 0.

explanation: marginal utility is the addtional utility gained from the consumption of one more unit of a good. it is given by,

 mu{n} = tu{n} -tu{n-1}

so, marginal utility at the 4th unit will be given by

 mu{4} = tu{4} -tu{3}

since, the values are not given here, you can simply find marginal utility at fourth unit by subtracting total utility at 3rd unit from total utility at 4th unit.

4.94.. let me know if i'm correct

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