Sunset foods relies on a highly centralized functional structure to ensure consistency in the quality and taste of its products and to drive down costs via process innovations. however, as a consequence of its highly compartmentalized structure, the firm has found it difficult to transfer information and ideas from one department to the next. with the launch of its new line of breakfast foods coming up, how can sunset improve its ability to collaborate without sacrificing the benefits of its current structure


after cutting wages and benefits in order to increase profit .


anyone below or above ambitious can tell you. so crowns mean brainliest. getting brainliest means your answer needs a good explanation and the person asking the question can understand your answer easily. so say there's a multiple choice question. you don't just want to say your answer is a, hope it . provide evidence and reasoning so that they know that that is the correct answer. a good explanation should have evidence, good reasoning, and your opinion on why you picked that. you don't want to look up their question on the internet and see if you can answer it. pick questions that you 100% know the answer to, so than that way you can provide a better explanation.

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answer; intellectual property protection;

Businesses are required to follow laws and regulations, but they choose to follow ethical standards in a code of ethnics.answer: d) or the fourth option.

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Whats the answer choices, but a fiscal policy is the means by which the government adjusts its spending limit and tax rates to monitor and influence a nation's economy....Read More
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