The monthly payment m of a loan of amount p for y years with an interest rate r can be calculated by the formula: m = p(r/12) 1 â’ (1 + r/12)â’12y calculate the monthly payment and the cummulative total payment for a $100,000 loan with an interest rate of 4.85% if taken out for 10 years, for 11 years, etc., up to a 30 year term. display the results in a three-column table where the first column is the number of years, the second is the monthly payment, and the third is the cummulative total payment. note: use format bank; for this problem. also, remember to represent the interest rate as a decimal (e. g. 0.0485) 2. a torus-shaped water tube is designed to have a volume of 8, 000in3 . the volume of the tube, v , and its surface area, s, are given by: v = 1 4 ď€ 2 (a + b)(b â’ a) 2 s = ď€ 2 (b 2 â’ a 2 ) if a = kb, determine s, a, and b for k = 0.2, 0.3, 0.7. display the results in a table


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Becoming the expert at producing one particular good or service is called specialization
Jake gets insurance after his dog ruins his neighbor's yard 
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