Ellen and george work for the same company. ellen, a gen xer, really appreciates the flextime opportunities, while george, a baby boomer, takes advantage of the free computer training offered at the company. these policies are examples of


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These policies are examples of "work-life balance".

Employees always want to balance work with rest of the activities they wish to seek after throughout everyday life. Work balance is particularly essential to your millennial representatives who are accustomed to packing their days with differing exercises and hours of electronic correspondence.  

Work-life balance is an idea that portrays the ideal of splitting one's time and energy among work and other critical parts of their life. Accomplishing work-life balance is a day by day challenge. It can be difficult to set aside a few minutes for family, companions, network cooperation, self-improvement, self-care, and other individual exercises, notwithstanding the requests of the working environment.  

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