Giant pandas eat bamboo plants in the mountains of China. The number of energy storage molecules has decreased in both the bamboo and the pandas. What has happened to the
amount of carbon in the bamboo and the pandas?


b. lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere   is the answer most likely

2%? i tried finding the exact sorry if it's not 100% correct ; -;

the answer is admiramos

the rule for verbs is whoever you are referring to (in this case 'nosotros'), you need to change the ending of the word.

nosotros - amos

yo - o

tu - as

el, ella, usted - a

ellos, ellas, ustedes - an

(examples: nosotros bailamos (instead of bailar) or yo hablo (instead of habla)

economic impact of malaria is estimated to cost africa $12 billion every year. this figure factors in costs of health care, absenteeism, days lost in education, decreased productivity due to brain damage from cerebral malaria, and loss of investment and tourism.

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