Cells having matched Paris was of chromosomes are


answer: decrease

a limiting factor is the one which decrease the abundance, distribution and causes extinction of the population of species in a ecosystem. here, predators including hawks, owls and snakes are the limiting factor for the population of mexican free tailed bat.   although bats are nocturnal animals as they forge for food at night these predators also may remain active during night which can decrease the population of the mexican free-tailed bats. also, these bats eat only one type of insects that are moths. the food can also be a limiting factor as all 400 members are dependent upon same type of food needs that are moths. the decrease in the moth population can cause decrease in population size of the mexican free-tailed bats.

therefore, the scenarios will most likely to decrease the population size of the mexican free-tailed bats.  

increase soil erosion                                             reduce soil erosion

cattle grazing                                                         hydroseeding

deforestation                                                         contour plowing

                                                                                planting vegetation

plant roots basically hold the top soil

together and stop soil erosion because

in such situation top soil is not removed

during flood but cattle grazing causes

soil erosion because cattle consume the

grasses and herbs and top soil is exposed.

same situation occurs because of

deforestation, the trees and plants are cut

down to expose top soil which causes soil


Determine whether each action will increase or reduce soil erosion. cattle grazing contour plowing d

Diploid Cells


Cells having matched pairs of chromosomes are diploid.

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