(a) Where is the site of action potential initiation (where the decision is made to fire an action potential)? (b) Why are action potentials most likely initiated at this site than in the soma? Consider pan-NaV antibody staining (green indicates staining of Nav channels).


the answer is b. glad to .

it enhances antibody production by t cells of the adaptive immune system.

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a) The distal finish of axon for example the unmyelinated introductory portion of axon fills in as site for dynamic to fire an activity potential. It is an "all or none" occasion and once the choice is made, the action potential is terminated down the axon.  

b) Soma isn't the site for inception of activity potential. This is because of the way that soma is the metabolic focus of the neuron and has lower thickness of sodium channels. These channels are essential for terminating of activity potential. So,higher thickness of these channels at the axon beginning portion and near lower thickness in soma makes it not to fire the activity potential at soma.

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