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after a the power stroke, adp is released, but the cross-bridge formed is still in place. atp then binds to myosin, moving the myosin to its high-energy state, releasing the myosin... Read More
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Biology, 21.02.2023, taquanhamilton68
not necessarily. higher fitness requires the organism to be reproductive successful. for example, an organism at age 10 with 15 offspring is much more fit than an organism at age 1... Read More
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humans are now responsible for causing changes in the environment that hurt animals and plant species. we take up more space on earth for our homes and cities. we pollute habitats.... Read More
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Your mamahdhdhdbdvdhdjdudud... Read More
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the form of energy changes and the total energy increases0l... Read More
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By water evaporation from the leaves is created a negative pressure at the top of the tree that promotes the ascension  of the water through channels that are called xylem. th... Read More
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