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Answertheatre had an unsavory reputation london authorities refused to allow plays within the city, so theatres opened across the thames in southwark, outside the authority of the... Read More
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The answer would be online media like a social media. it does refer to forms of different media content created publicly by the end users since 2005 and would cover how people use... Read More
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Religion changed from primitive times through the renaissance period until today such that certain church conventions and rules were set about how the holy family could be portraye... Read More
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What i think is that it adds loudness for preachers/church choirs. it is also able to hold up a lot of weight without pillars. : )) idek tho... Read More
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-has naturalistic color-has neutral colors-has color harmony-has variations of colors with shading and reflections(charing cross bridge by andré derain; the copper drinking founta... Read More
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the string with the finger instead of using the bow... Read More
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