Mathematics, 18.03.2023, greyxxamber
answer: (-8,4) are the coordinates of astep-by-step explanation: let the side of square abcd is x .thus the area of square abcd is [tex]x^2[/tex].now, by the diagram area of tria... Read More
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Mathematics, 17.03.2023, uehlingt39
multiply length by height. multiply the length by the height, and then double the product. work out 10 x 10 results = 100 square inches, then work out 100 x 2 = 200. the answer is... Read More
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Mathematics, 16.03.2023, hunter3978
add -60 to 120 which will result in : 2x+3y=180then subtract 2x: 3y=-2x+180lastly, divide by 2: y= -2/3x+60hope this is the answer you're looking for: )... Read More
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Biology, 01.03.2023, cabr379
the african cheetah. this species has a relatively low level of genetic variation because the population was reduced to a small size approxi-mately 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.chapt... Read More
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