"we must plan a picnic for the holiday," said mrs. bailey, while the children were getting dressed.adverb clause: while the children were getting dressed. ... Read More
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During the paleolithic, hominins grouped together in small societies such as bands, and subsisted by gathering  plants  and fishing, hunting or scavenging wild  anim... Read More
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In windows explorer, select the file, folder, or groups of files and folders you'd like to copy. you can select multiple files or folders in several ways: click the first file or... Read More
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If these are the missing choices: a. to determine skin temperature, place the back of your hand against the patient's skin.b. determine body temperature by touching the patient's... Read More
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this is an example of "committed" time. committed time, as contracted time, takes need over essential and available time since it is seen as profitable work. it alludes to the time... Read More
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